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The RENewAL Learning Programme in Italy

An Executive Master in Facility, Property and Real Estate Management: a once-in-a-life learning experience for aspiring innovation managers

What is the RENEWAL SKILLS project?

The RENEWAL SKILLS (Real Estate New Alternative Skills) project started from the reflection that Real Estate activity has always followed a business model based only on an exclusively financial logic, privileging capital gain rather than current profitability.
The business model of South European countries (Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Bulgaria are the project country-targets) has been founded only on the outdated “building, buying & sale” logic, making the sector not productive and ignoring or underestimating all management aspects and strategy connected to profitability, management and enhancement of assets and properties.

However, the economic crisis ended this model based on financial credit and management improvisation: this, at international level (United States, some Asian countries, Australia and some North European countries), persuaded and convinced Real Estate owners and managers to pay more attention on management and enhancement of properties, upgrading Real Estate assets.

In South European countries, although the great architectural traditions, this passage has not still been realized for several reasons. Firstly, the historical delay that characterized the industrialization process has originated a deficit in organizational/management culture. Moreover, the peculiarity of national markets and industry, featured by a high fragmentation, and the skills gap in training and education in Real Estate, lacking of innovative elements of management, have led to a very low level of profitability produced, despite huge real estate assets.
For this reason, it is necessary to renovate and modernize organizational models and results, in order to be more competitive and profitable, finding innovative solutions in Real Estate sector.

Partners have identified sector skills gaps that, if tackled, can meet the new needs and trends of the sector towards profitability solutions, considering also the overall skills gap that in Southern Europe doesn’t consider the convergence model that make the Asset, Property and Facility Management complementary, suggesting the possibility of a single occupation including more competences and covering a wide range of services offered by the Real Estate market.

The Learning Programme and delivering phase

A more specific skills gap is the not yet sufficient integration between Health sector, Real Estate and Facility Management.
The RENewAL Skills project foresees the delivering of a sector-specific skills solution, responding to the needs of Real Estate field, in terms of lack of transversal competences and skills, and developing specific and innovative training modules, with a specific focus on HEALTH & WELLBEING knowledge for Facility and Workplace Management.
Integrating health knowledge in the Workplace management, inspired by energy efficiency, eco-design and domotics, in order to develop innovative solutions and implementing the creation of a new job profile, is an innovative expected result for the Real Estate sector.
In a perspective of convergence among HEALTH, Facility, Property and Asset Management, rethink and retrain workplace means to improve the quality of working life, growing up workers productivity and improving work performance in terms of innovation and creativity, while increasing real estate value.

The project aims to develop and implement a VET pilot programme in order to fill up skills gaps and to define a new job profile with competencies in the field of health, workplace, asset, facility and property management.

The Executive Master in Italy

Masterandskills, the Business School lead Applicant of RENewAL Skills Project, is starting a free Executive Master in Facility, Property and Real Estate Management and expects to enrol 30 European talents by October 2018.

The new Master, realized and promoted in the field of the European project "RENewAL - Real Estate New Alternative Skills", co-financed under Erasmus+, aims to introduce new managers with innovative skills in the European Real Estate market, in order to design urban and work spaces focusing facility and asset management, workers' health and well-being and productivity.

Learners Profiles* will be selected among:

• 12 Italian new graduates in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Economy, Psychology, Sociology and Neuroscience
• 12 Italian professionals in Real Estate
• 6 graduates from PARTNER countries in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Economy, Psychology, Sociology and Neuroscience

The 7-month programme will be held in English for 24 Italian learners and 6 European students coming from the project partners' countries (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Spain) and it will be a unique opportunity for architects, engineers, economists, psychologists and neuroscientists wanting to develop a solid professional network, an international perspective and a specialised knowledge on the most cutting-edge techniques for Real Estate strategy and innovation.

*Get more information about the learners’ profile in English downloads (Dissemination and Promotion Materials) here.


The Programme will take place in Rome from the end of October till the middle of April (320 Hours).

During the programme a project work "Design an innovative solution for the Workplace Management inspired by health&Wellbeing in workplace" (160 hours) will be implemented and the 2 working groups which will present the best projects will gain 2 weeks extra-period of pre-incubation at UBIMedical.

At the end of this phase, participants will have an internship experience (240 Hours) to our local partners in Greece, Portugal and Italy.

The Master has a total duration of 720 hours organised as follows:
• 320 hours of classroom and webinar-based training (Rome)
• 160 hours of project work
• 240 hours of internship.


Each interested candidate can send an email with a CV and a brief letter of motivation to: [email protected]
Obj: to the attention of Ms Roberta Sorrentino – New Real Estate Manager – application



Executive Master attendance is free. Travel to/from Rome as well as subsistence costs in Rome will not be covered. Internship and pre-incubation costs (travel and subsistence) will be covered up to a set limit.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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